Hoist and winches

Hoist and winches are machines that allow you to apply vertical forces to lift loads or horizontal forces to drag them. These forces are imparted via a traction member. These are versatile devices and their use is required in many sectors. In fact, they are often used in agriculture, construction, the automotive sector or shipyards. There are different types that allow you to meet different types of needs.

One of the characteristics to consider when choosing is the presence or absence of an engine. There are in fact different types and can be: manual, electric, hydraulic or with combustion engine. These are machines intended to serve as a winding reel for a traction element. Whether it is a cable, a rope or a chain, it forms coils, in successive layers, around the device drum.

Manual hoist and winches are perfect for handling heavy loads even when no power source is available. They can be operated by crank or lever. The movement that is imparted to the lever or to the crank is that which is transmitted to the traction element which begins to wind itself on the drum.

Essential components of the hoist and winches are the cable and the hook. The cable that wraps around the drum must be strong and capable of supporting the load being handled. Likewise, the hook must offer stability and safety.