Plastic meat crates

Plastic meat crates are indispensable tools in butcher shops and meat departments, as well as in meat processing companies that use conveyor belts on which these crates are placed. The crates are therefore the perfect solution for the correct preservation of meat and are particularly useful during storage and handling. In fact, the structure facilitates their movement, either manually or using complementary tools such as trolleys.

The structure of the meat crates is resistant and guarantees the possibility of overlapping both when empty and when fully loaded, thus optimising work space. In addition, reinforced walls with side ribs, a smooth underside and practical handles make the crates robust and functional tools.

Made of high-density polyethylene with UV protection, the plastic meat crates are manufactured in accordance with DIN 55423-1, 2, thus fully complying with current regulations for storage and food contact. As a result, they are food safe: it is guaranteed that they cannot transmit harmful substances to the food they contain and are supplied complete with a certification.