Prefabricated toilets and portable potty

Prefabricated toilets and portable potty are excellent solutions in all situations where access to toilets is needed on a temporary basis or where masonry facilities are not feasible. They are ideal both for large events and for situations where the flow of users is not particularly high. In any case, hygiene, well-being and comfort are guaranteed. Both prefab modules to be connected to the water and sewage network and chemical toilets equipped with other waste disposal systems are available.

One of the many advantages of these products is that they are quick to use: they do not require long lead times or time-consuming installation work. These products can therefore be put into operation in a short time, offering high levels of comfort and convenience, with a focus on cleanliness and hygiene.

Portable potties are the fastest and most immediate solution with a characteristic design to offer a toilet service to a large number of users. The special feature of these manufactured products made of plastic materials is that they do not require connections to the sewage system or septic tanks, so no extraordinary plumbing work is needed to put them into operation. Their light weight makes them easy to transport and move. For this reason, they are perfect for short-term events such as village festivals, concerts or quick construction sites. If installed in series, they can serve a large number of users.

Prefabricated toilets, as opposed to chemical toilets, have the appearance of a real bathroom with sanitary fixtures comparable to those installed in classic toilets and are often equipped with electrical systems, piping, and drains. Available models include complete solutions with WCs, squat toilets, showers and washbasins. Unlike chemical toilets, prefabricated toilets must be connected to the sewage system in order to function properly, which is why they guarantee very high levels of performance in terms of hygiene and cleanliness. They are therefore suitable for long-term construction sites, festivals or camping sites. These toilets can also be installed in series.

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