Electric pallet trucks

The electric pallet trucks are the solutions with motor to move the pallets in a safe way ensuring maximum productivity. The movement of the trolley and the lifting of the forks are both guaranteed by the electric traction motor. Thanks to the motorization, the electric pallet trucks allow the operator to use them without any physical effort. In addition, they are the perfect products to handle frequent handling over long distances.

The presence of the motor reduces the manual operations required and makes electric pallet trucks practical and safe solutions. In fact, they reduce the risk of accidents for the operator and, by reducing the time required to carry out the operations, improve the productivity of the working environment.

In large and steep spaces or when there are long distances to cover, electric pallet trucks are the best solutions by increasing productivity and reducing operator fatigue. The use of some models, specifically those with platform and man on board, requires specifically trained personnel.

The wide range is complete with electric pallet trucks conceived and designed to be used in trucks, in supermarket corridors and in large-scale distribution in general, but also in the food and pharmaceutical sectors, in commercial spaces, logistics centers. Finally, pallet trucks with different load capacities are available to meet ever-changing needs.

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