Pallet truck wheels and rollers

The pallet truck wheels and rollers are the resistant and professional solutions to replace worn wheels and make the handling of pallet trucks safer. The range is complete with directional or guiding wheels and rollers for the forks made of different types of materials to meet every need. All wheels are made in compliance with high quality standards that make them suitable for mounting on pallet trucks used in professional environments.

The range is complete with directional pallet truck wheels and rollers in nylon and polyurethane to propose a customized solution based on the need and the type of pallet truck on which it is necessary to mount them. In addition, nylon and polyurethane rollers are available in different sizes.

Depending on the pallet truck and the conditions of the environment in which they are to be used, the wheels and rollers are available in nylon for great resistance to shocks and humidity; in nylon polyurethane for silence and resistance and, finally, in non-marking polyurethane, excellent for particularly delicate surfaces.

Pallet trucks are warehouse trolleys universally used to meet the needs of moving, lifting and storing goods in warehouses, distribution centers and production departments and it is essential that they always mount new and quality wheels and rollers. The wide range is designed for this.