Vented pallet boxes

Vented pallet boxes are the ideal solutions for supermarkets, farms and for all small and medium-sized industries that need to store and handle products, including food products. They are versatile and quality products, which find success in many industrial production processes, such as in the clothing industry, in industrial laundries and in the clothing sector in general. In addition, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) that makes up all the vented pallet boxes is a certified material suitable for contact with food, which therefore ensures maximum hygiene.

Available with perforated walls and with closed or perforated bottom, the vented pallet boxes are designed to ensure maximum comfort and practicality during handling, loading and unloading operations. Among the products available there are in fact some vented pallet boxes that can be moved by forklift or transpallet and others that are lighter with handles.

The wide range available includes vented pallet boxes that can be accessorized with two or three crosspieces, lid and wheels that can be mounted on the side or central feet, depending on the type of use and the handling needs that need to be satisfied.

To meet ever-changing needs, you can choose from a variety of plastic bins that differ in capacity and size. Finally, all models are made by UNI EN ISO 9001-2008 certified companies to guarantee quality.

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