Bubble wrap and expandend polyethylene for protective packaging

Bubble wrap and expanded polyethylene are professional solutions that are indispensable for facilitating palletising and parcel shipping operations by guaranteeing optimal protection of all kinds of products during handling and transport. In fact, these systems protect the transported goods by limiting the risk of damage resulting from impacts and sudden movements common during transport by land, air and sea.

Made of polyethylene using advanced co-extrusion techniques with an air bubble of variable diameter (standard 10 mm) positioned inside two layers of smooth surfaces, bubble wrap is the most common solution for protecting goods during shipment. In addition, to meet ever-changing requirements, bubble wrap is available in light or heavy versions and in various heights and thicknesses.

Expanded polyethylene for protective packaging is characterised by a smooth, soft surface and is impermeable to liquids. Furthermore, composed of thousands of closed cells with absorbent properties, it is the ideal solution for wrapping and protecting particularly delicate and fragile goods.

Finally, polystyrene packing chips are available for filling and cushioning products. They are a simple and cost-effective solution to ensure compactness of the contents and to cushion shocks and jolts during transport so as to effectively protect the product.

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