Wood belt sanders

The wood belt sanders are the solution for shaping, filing, finishing and grinding surfaces in industrial or artisan environments. Their use depends on the type of abrasive material is placed on the belt, or even what type of machinery is used, since many models are also equipped with a belt to work in a better and more functional way on edges and corners. Our sanders are produced for short-term jobs, as they are service machines that could not work with production timelines.

The wood belt sanders are produced in such a way as to ensure the highest level of safety in their use and this is possible thanks to the identification plates and pictograms that show the correct behavior for using the machinery in complete safety. In addition, some sanders are equipped with a two-button magnetic switch to eliminate the possibility of unintentional switching on.

Before the first use, the various pieces will be installed on the wood belt sanders, which are sent disassembled to optimize transport and shipping. Subsequently, the machinery will be fixed to a workbench through the use of the holes the base is already equipped with.

The wood belt sanders can be used in different ways according to the type of need, for example some of our models are equipped with a belt that can be positioned both horizontally and vertically, while others are equipped with an abrasive disc.