Drop bottom skips and bins

Drop bottom skips and bins are the comfortable and safe solutions for handling and disposing of waste and scraps. They are indispensable in the industrial sector when it's needed to guarantee a safe working environment: automatic emptying, in fact, is carried out directly from the forklift thanks to a simple lever reducing the risk of accidents typical of when using more traditional emptying systems.

The production of drop bottom skips is followed with great attention in order to create high quality products. In addition, all skips are complete with monitoring panels that draw attention to the dangers and a plate with CE marking according to the 2006/42/CE standard to guarantee safety.

The wide range of drop bottom skips and bins is complete with fork-lift solutions with a simple and safe emptying by means of a lever. In fact, it is possible to overturn the containers using a rope standing directly inside the vehicle. In addition, one door bottom, two doors bottom, sheet metal or mesh containers are available.

To meet ever-changing needs, the drop bottom skips are available in different versions, sizes and capacities. All models are robust and safe, suitable for professional use, even intensive.

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