Insulated accessories

The wide range of insulated accessories offers professional solutions and original spare parts to accessorise the containers, improving their performance, change worn parts and ensure compliance with the ATP regime. The accessories and spare parts available in the warehouse are ideal for containers of different types, capacities and uses.

Eutectic plates in various sizes are available for the different types of containers. They can be of different freezing temperatures for the transport and storage of fresh or frozen food. In addition, cooling covers for isothermal boxes are available to help maintain the internal temperature.

It is possible to accessorise isothermal containers for food with ATP by selecting pruning shelves, trolleys and fixing kits for overlapping two containers, but also eutectic plates for the transport of fresh or frozen food and active doors for maintaining the heat. In addition, accessories and replacement kits are available.

The ATP certificate is available with type approval IN, IR, RRCX, FNAX and FRCX, to be selected according to the isothermal container and the type of food transported. It is issued by the Ministry of Transport, certifies compliance with the international treaty which regulates the characteristics of the means of transporting perishable products on the road.

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