The chucks are mechanical devices that allow you to tighten and therefore hold still any workpiece. They can be of different types and with different number of jaws. There are mainly two types: self-centering or independent. Both types can have 3 or 4 jaws, the choice of the type to buy will be conditioned by the shape of the piece to be machined. They are available for both wood lathes and lathes for working metal pieces.

The self-centering chucks can have 3 or 4 jaws clamping. The former allow you to lock and machine circular or polygonal pieces that have a number of sides divisible by three. The second ones, on the other hand, are more easily adapted to the fixing of irregular or polygonal pieces with a number of sides divisible by 4. The self-centering system makes sure that the jaws close and open simultaneously in a concentric way, in this way it is possible to keep the centering intact of the piece.

On the other hand, in the versions with independent jaws, which can in any case be with 3 or 4 jaws, each single jaw is equipped with an independent movement. In this way it will be possible to fix the pieces with the axis out of the center to carry out special processes, or to fix pieces with irregular dimensions.

The chucks for drills, on the other hand, unlike those for lathes, do not allow the clamping of the pieces to be machined, but rather the tip that performs the machining. Depending on the type of clamping, it can be defined as rack or self-locking.