Tool kits in cases and boxes

Toolboxes are a fundamental part of the supply for companies that often carry out off-site work. They allow you to transport tools that are neatly stored inside them. Keeping the equipment in order even during transport is essential. In fact, this will make the operations carried out outside the main office more organized and consequently faster. It is in fact known that when the equipment is arranged neatly this also has positive repercussions on the productivity of operations.

The tool cases are made of a sturdy structure with high impact resistance. Available with comfortable ergonomic handles or in versions with wheels and telescopic handle. They include a vast assortment of tools arranged neatly thanks to the thermoformed items. In this way the operations will be facilitated as it will be easier to find the necessary tool.

The toolboxes are available empty, so that they can be used to organize and transport the tools already present in the company. Versions are also available that include a large assortment of carefully selected tools. These are the most commonly used tools for both ordinary and extraordinary general maintenance.

Toolboxes have different sizes and structures. In addition to the classic version with extendable compartments, there are more modern and innovative models with drawers. Equipped with a safety lock, they guarantee the transport of the equipment in total safety.

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