Accessories on the machine

The accessories on the machine include a wide range of products that make it easier to work with machine tools such as lathes, drills or cutters. These are tools that are not essential for processing but that allow them to be simplified or to increase the safety of the operators who carry them out. In fact, various safety devices, lamps, pipes and refrigeration kits are available.

The lamps make it possible to illuminate the work area in such a way as to make the processing that is carried out more visible. There are several versions that allow you to meet numerous needs. They are perfect to be used while using machines that carry out processes that can be considered dangerous. In these cases, having a well-lit work area is certainly essential for the safety of operators.

Protective equipment when using sharp equipment is essential. In fact, creating a work environment with high safety standards allows you to minimize the risk of injury. The protection screens with safety microswitches protect operators from the cutting risks that can be frequent with this type of machines.

The refrigeration kits are accessories on the machine that can be added to machines that do not have their own refrigeration system. The modular pipes for coolants are resistant to vibrations and allow you to have a pipe of the desired size.