Lockers, metal cupboards and cabinets

A good organization of spaces is fundamental in every company, office, archive and even in domestic environments. If the use of lockers is an almost obligatory choice, finding the right model for the space available and the environment to be furnished is equally important. Metal cupboards and cabinets are the ideal technical solution to take advantage of every centimeter, tidy up, store documents, clothes, objects and much more. Thanks to a wide range of products to choose from, it will be possible to organize different types of environments, from an internal to an external space, from an industrial environment to a productive, administrative or commercial one.

By allowing the optimization of spaces and ensuring order, lockers are the ideal solution to shorten times and improve the performance of production processes. In fact, you will no longer have to waste time looking for scattered documents and objects. Furthermore, the material they are made of makes the products robust, long-term resistant, practical, suitable for frequent use, hygienic and easy to sanitize.

All available versions are built with first choice steel and “Made in Italy” production systems with certified quality controls. The lockers are in accordance with the law and guarantee the safety of the objects stored inside them thanks to the secured locking systems. The range of wardrobes can be customized with many accessories to meet ever-changing needs and offer the most suitable solution in any circumstance.

The lockers are available in the demountable version, excellent for reducing transport costs and organizing small spaces consisting of 5/6 units with light and easily transportable furniture. On the other hand, the monobloc version is delivered by the manufacturer directly on site and is suitable for tidying up large spaces with more than 10/20 units.