Pallet wrap and pallet wrapping machines

The range of pallet wrap and pallet wrapping machines contains all the professional solutions for practical and safe packaging by ensuring suitable fastening of goods during storage and transportation. In fact, the different items make it possible to wrap up the goods on the pallet where they are placed and, by securing them to the pallet, unintended movements during transport that could cause damage to the goods are prevented. They also protect the items from dust, moisture and other external agents.

Pallet wrap is available in various colors. The transparent version allows quick identification of the packages and immediate reading of the bar code for simplified operations during storage and handling. The white or black color that characterizes the pallet wrap ensures a high level of privacy by preventing immediate identification of the goods, while the two colors allow a distinction of the packages and, consequently, a quick identification of them.

The wide range is complete with lightweight manual or metal pallet wrap dispensers ideal for optimizing time and facilitating work in palletizing operations when the use of pallet wrap becomes frequent. Finally, machinable pallet wrap is available for handling large volumes of packaging.

Pallet wrapping machines are the indispensable solutions for frequent packing operations. Available in a variety of models, pallet wrapping machines make it possible to meet all kinds of needs: while semiautomatic wrappers are ideal for handling numerous operations, manual models are ideal for small warehouses.

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