Pallet wrapper semi-automatic with turntable

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The pallet wrapper semi-automatic with turntable is the ideal solution for low production rates. Equipped with an 11" touch display, the pallet wrapper has 6 programmes, which is very useful for companies that need multiple wrapping options. In addition, the pallet wrapper can be forklifted from both the front and back, and the standard equipment includes a photocell which is able to read the pallet height. The semi-automatic pallet wrapper is powered by a standard 230 V - 50/60 Hz - 1 Ph electrical outlet.

It is possible to choose between different pallet wrappers based on the type of spool film carriage installed. The spool carriage can be equipped with:

Mechanical brake: the film tension is adjustable via a knob. Recommended for low production rates without the need for variable palletising or special wrapping.

Electromagnetic friction: the film tension is adjustable via a panel. Recommended for low productions, but with a need to modulate the tension force during the cycle itself.

The pallet wrapper is designed to process:

15/20 pallets per hour.

Depending on the model chosen, the semi-automatic pallet wrapper has a 1500 mm or 1600 mm diameter turntable. The characteristics of the palletised load depend on the chosen turntable:

• Ø1500 mm turntable for max. loads 800x1200 mm;

• Ø1650 mm turntable for max. loads of 1000x1200 mm;

• regardless of the chosen turntable, the minimum load weight is 50 kg, the maximum weight 2000 kg and the maximum wrapping height is 2450 mm (higher load capacity and height are available as options).

Customising the pallet wrapper is possible thanks to the numerous options: the loading ramp (available for both turntable sizes), and two different bases (only for 1650 mm turntable). A low profile ideal for manual pallet trucks and a pallet truck base with a three-way adjustable loading direction with safety photocell.

If you wish to level the pallet wrapper table on the floor, i.e. without having to use loading ramps, you can bury the machine using the optional accessory of the pit frame (consisting of 3 framing pieces). In this case, you proceed by creating the correct sized hole (following the technical drawings that will be provided), then positioning the pallet wrapper and finally the framing pieces, which act as a closure/connection.

The pallet wrapper is compatible with standard spools that can be machined, i.e. with a cardboard core Ø max. 250 mm outside - Ø inside 76 mm - h 500 mm. To use the machine with manual film with a Ø 50 mm core, it is possible to select the optional Additional spool holder set.

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Pallet wrapper semi-automatic with turntable

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    Review for Pallet wrapper semi-automatic with turntable

    Code Turntable mm Max. load dimensions WxD mm Spool film carriage
    AS000500190 Ø1500 800x1200 Mechanical brake
    AS000500172 Ø1500 800x1200 Electromagnetic friction
    AS000500194 Ø1650 1000x1200 Mechanical brake
    AS000600172 Ø1650 1000x1200 Electromagnetic friction
    Common features to all codes
    Column height mm 2450
    Compatible coil max. external Ø 250 mm - internal Ø 76 mm - h 500 mm
    Load weight kg min 50/60 - max 2000
     Click here to download the technical drawing.
     Click here to download the user manual.
    Column AS009800760 wrapping height 3200 mm
    Turntable capacity AS009800102 maximum capacity 3000 kg
    Ramp AS009800011 dim. 1000x1500(usable 1300)x75 mm capacity 2000 kg
    Ramp AS009800012 dim. 1000x1500(usable 1300)x75 mm capacity 2000 kg
    M-type turntable right side load AS000500665 dim. 2000x2300x84 mm capacity 1200 kg
    M-type turntable front load AS000500666 dim. 2600x1700x84 mm capacity 1200 kg
    M-type turntable left side load AS000500667 dim. 2000x2300x84 mm capacity 1200 kg
    Low profile AS009800660 dim. 1650x2700x27 mm capacity 1200 kg (front ramp included)
    Pit frame AS009800930 for table Ø1500 mm
    Pit frame AS009800931 for table Ø1650 mm
    Additional spool holder set AS009800844 for film with cardboard core Ø 50 mm