Polyester strapping PET manual and machine usage

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Polyester strapping made of PET plastic is the professional solution for safe packaging of heavy loads. The strength of the material makes strapping an indispensable tool in companies and warehouses where frequent palletising of heavy goods takes place. In fact, its elasticity during handling and resistance to deformation makes it perfect for anchoring packed goods, which, being stable, will not risk damage due to tipping.

The embossed surface (which characterises all articles with the exception of article codes REPV121 and REPV122) makes polyester strapping particularly stable and high-strength, perfect for securing packages during transport by land or sea. In addition, the material is flexible and resistant to rain, high temperatures and UV radiation, making it the perfect solution for outdoor packaging.

PET polyester strapping is suitable for both manual and automatic use. It can be used with a battery-operated vibration-welded strap tensioner, with a manual strap tensioner for mechanical fastening with steel seals, or with semi-automatic machines that specifically require its use.

The polyester strapping is made of green PET polyester and is available in different models in order to meet all requirements.

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Reggetta plastica uso manuale in poliestere PET
Polyester strapping PET manual and machine usage

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    Review for Polyester strapping PET manual and machine usage

    Code Length x height mm Length mt Resistance kg Weight gr/mt
    REPV102 9,5x0,60 3000 207 6,70
    REPV103 12,5x0,50 2500 230 7,10
    REPV104 12x0,60 2500 250 7,60
    REPV105 12x0,65 2500 270 8,20
    REPV106 12x0,70 2400 285 8,80
    REPV107 12x0,75 2000 330 10,50
    REPV101 15x0,60 2000 330 10,50
    REPV108 15x0,65 1750 380 11,00
    REPV109 15x0,70 1750 380 12,00
    REPV110 15,5x0,60 2000 345 11,00
    REPV111 15,5x0,70 1750 420 13,20
    REPV112 16x0,80 1500 490 15,50
    REPV113 15,5x0,90 1250 550 17,50
    REPV114 16x0,95 1250 590 18,80
    REPV115 16x1,00 1200 630 20,00
    REPV116 19x0,70 1250 560 17,80
    REPV117 19x0,80 1250 600 19,00
    REPV118 19x0,90 1000 660 21,00
    REPV119 19x1,00 1000 740 23,50
    REPV120 19x1,27 800 850 28,00
    REPV121 19x1,27 650 1000 32,33
    REPV122 25x1,00 720 1000 32,20
    Common features to all codes
    Spool internal diameter mm 406
    Stretchability 10-15%
    Colour Green
    Material Polyester PET
    Surface Embossed for all models except codes REPV121 and REPV122 which have a smooth surface