Polypropylene strapping manual usage

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Polypropylene strapping for manual use is the professional solution for securing packages of any size and indispensable during transport. It is the most commonly used tool for frequent strapping operations when palletising goods, as it ensures elasticity during handling, without deforming or loosening the fastening. Strapping therefore exerts a constant force that ensures the anchoring of the packaged goods, especially during the transfer of goods.

Thanks to its embossed surface, polypropylene strapping ensures a high degree of hold and stability, even during movement or in the event of sudden movements. Consequently, it is indispensable for preventing damage to goods from tipping over during transport. The strength and flexibility of the material also allow pallets or packages stored outdoors to be secured, as rain, high temperatures and UV rays do not affect the performance of the product.

Polypropylene strapping for manual use can be used for vibration-welded fastening with a battery-operated strap tensioner, or for fastening with a mechanical manual strap tensioner with steel seals.

Manufactured from isotactic polypropylene, polypropylene strapping has a strength of 28-32 kg/mm2, elongation of 15-25% and elastic recovery of 90-95%. Finally, it is available in black and in different sizes.

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Polypropylene strapping manual usage

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    Review for Polypropylene strapping manual usage

    Code Width mm Roll length meters Thickness mm Weight gr/m
    REPN100 9 4000 0,6 3
    REPN102 9 3500 0,65 3,5
    REPN103 9 3250 0,7 4
    REPN104 12 3500 0,52 3,5
    REPN105 12 3000 0,58 4
    REPN106 12 2750 0,65 4,5
    REPN107 12 2500 0,68 5
    REPN101 12 2500 0,7 5
    REPN108 12 2300 0,75 5,5
    REPN109 12 2000 0,8 6,5
    REPN110 12 2000 0,85 7,3
    REPN111 15 2000 0,6 6,5
    REPN202 15 1500 0,7 6,5
    REPN112 15 1500 0,8 8,5
    REPN113 15 1500 0,85 9
    REPN114 19 1300 0,8 10
    Common features to all codes
    Colour Black
    Spool internal diameter mm 392
    Resistance kg/mm2 28-32
    Stretchability 15-25%
    Stretch recovery 90-95%
    Material Isotactic polypropylene