Strapping tool battery manual use tension force up to 280 kg

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The strapping tool is the indispensable solution in any warehouse for handling the strapping and securing of packed goods. Featuring battery-operated tensioning and sealing, the strapping machine is the easy-to-use and adjustable tool for medium to heavy loads. One of the lightest strapping machines in the world, the strapping machine weighs only 3.3 kg, making it practical and quick to use. In addition, tensioning and vibration sealing (friction heating) are achieved by simply pressing the button and lever.

Supplied as standard with a 12 V - 3.0 mA/h lithium-ion battery and 230 volt battery charger with 3.5 mm jack, the strapping tool is particularly powerful and recharges in just 90 minutes. In addition, the battery can be charged without removing it from the strapping machine for maximum convenience.

The strapping tool is compatible with PP polypropylene or PET polyester strapping in 13 or 16 mm widths. In fact, the strapping machine comes complete with instructions for setting the strap width so that you can change the setting to suit your needs.

In order to meet changing needs, the strapping tool can be equipped with an additional battery, an additional battery charger and a strapping bracket for horizontal strapping. Finally, the small dimensions 340x130x120 mm make the machine compact and perfect even in small warehouses.

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Reggiatrice a batteria uso manuale tensionamento fino a 280 kg
Strapping tool battery manual use tension force up to 280 kg

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    Review for Strapping tool battery manual use tension force up to 280 kg

    Code REMA030
    Strapping width mm 13-16
    Strapping material PP (polypropylene) or PET (polyester)
    Strapping tension force 60-280 kg (600-2800 N)
    Dimensions LxWxH mm 340x130x120
    Weight kg 3,3
    Strapping sealing vibration
    Standard Strapping tool, battery, battery charger
    Accessories Additional battery, additional battery charger, horizontal suspension bracket
     Download the complete data sheet.
    Please request any adjustment, tensioning specifications and type of strapping when ordering.