Strapping seals metal for plastic strapping

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Strapping seals made of metal are the indispensable solution for the correct and secure strapping of goods, whether for transport packages or for the storage of products in warehouses or distribution centres. Since strapping is decisive in facilitating the movement of goods, using steel seals means ensuring that the plastic strapping is securely fixed. This provides greater security, both in terms of damage to the goods and with regard to accidents.

Strapping seals are a functional, cost-effective and indispensable product for manual strap tensioners. In addition, because they can be stacked, it is possible to store seals in the warehouse in a practical way without requiring a lot of space.

Strapping seals for plastic or polyester strapping are suitable for all models of manual strap tensioners. They guarantee a secure closure of the strapping band, supporting even high loads, and allow for proper anchoring of goods and orderly handling of packages.

The strapping seals are available in two sizes, for 13 mm strapping and for 16 mm strapping. Each of the two versions is available in a pack of 2000 pieces.

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Strapping seals metal for plastic strapping

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    Code REMA004
    Dimensions mm 13
    Package pieces 2000
    Material Shiny steel
    Code REMA005
    Dimensions mm 16
    Package pieces 2000
    Material Shiny steel