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Stretch wrap manual white is the professional solution for protecting loads and simplifying pallet identification or distinction. In addition, the opaque white colour allows the contents to be concealed and the packaging rendered anonymous in just a few steps. The stretch wrap in a cardboard core makes it possible to make the stored and transported goods more stable and secure while at the same time guaranteeing excellent protection from humidity, dust and external agents.

Manufactured from high-grade polyethylene to guarantee elasticity and secure, tear-free pre-stretching, the hand stretch wrap is an indispensable product in the preparation of goods on pallets. In fact, the film allows the load to be covered by securing it to the pallet on which it is placed, reducing the risk of damage caused by unintentional handling or falling.

The use of hand stretch wrap is recommended for packing various types of goods with different volumes and weights, but also for securing irregular pallets. In fact, these pallets have sharp edges that are dangerous if not adequately covered with film.

The technical characteristics of the manual stretch wrap are: height 50 cm, thickness 30 my, heavy mandrel 650 g. Finally, the low weight of 3 kg makes the reel manageable, practical and convenient to use.

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Stretch wrap manual white

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    Review for Stretch wrap manual white

    Code FEPMB01
    Thickness my 30
    Coil weight kg 3
    Spindle weight grams 650
    Spool outer Ø mm 105
    Code FEPMB02
    Thickness my 23
    Coil weight kg 2,4
    Spindle weight grams 700
    Spool outer Ø mm 95
    Common features to all codes
    Pack Box 6 coils
    Height mm 500
    Coil internal Ø mm 50
    Breaking load MD-TD N/mm2 45-23
    Yield strength MD-TD N/mm2 8-8
    Elongation at break MD-TD % 390-580
    Bonding power (Cling) cN 125
    Stretch wrap material Polyethylene
    Core material Cardboard