Punches, drift, pin and centre punches

The punches are perfect for professional and non-professional use. Made using a special steel that undergoes a heat treatment, which gives the tool hardness and maximum resistance to impact and wear. They are perfectly suitable for receiving hammer blows. This type of tool, in fact, is also subjected to a second tempering treatment of the sash which is subjected to percussion, so that undergoing the action of the blows, deformations do not occur and eliminating the danger of chipping.

The superior quality raw materials used in the production of the gravers give life to a resistant tool with a high impact resistance capacity. Consisting of a larger diameter end with a circular or hexagonal section that can be identified as the handle, while the thinner end is characterized by a tip.

Punches are ideal for indenting or drilling a hole in a hard surface. Also made of chromed steel, these are amazing tools that guarantee precise percussion. Ideal for sheet metal processing, they are an indispensable tool in workshops and industries.

All punches and other tools are commonly used in various industries. They are in fact suitable for use in workshops, carpentry, industries and artisan workshops, thus proving to be very versatile tools.