Gas bottle storage depots and cabinets

The gas bottle storage depots and cabinets are the standard solutions for storing dangerous compressed gases in total safety. In all companies there are materials for which it is necessary to find suitable containment tools to guarantee compliance with safety standards: compressed gases are among these and storing them in specific cabinets and deposits is essential to guarantee the safety of workers.

Storage systems are necessary to prevent unauthorized personnel from having access to dangerous gases and, therefore, to ensure safety in companies. Furthermore, they protect the cylinders themselves from atmospheric agents making them the ideal professional solutions for both internal and external storage.

For safe storage it is important to keep the cylinders away from atmospheric agents and direct sunlight. It is equally essential to avoid bumps, falls and places at risk of contamination: gas bottle storage depots and cabinets become the ideal tools in any work environment.

The wide range is complete with gas bottle storage depots and cabinets with different sizes and different capacities for safe storage from 1 to 36 cylinders. In addition, the safety cabinets allow you to protect the cylinders at 360 ° and the supports are the comfortable and safe tools to fix them to the wall. Finally, all models are made in compliance with the international standard UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015.

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