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Plastic food containers

Plastic food containers are the indispensable solution for bakeries, pizzerias and pastry shops and, more generally, for all activities operating in the food and catering sector where it is necessary to move doughs and bakery products. Suitable for contact with food thanks to the material they are made of, high and low density polyethylene, they are particularly practical and guarantee safe use. Furthermore, the raw material chosen is resistant and designed to respond to professional use in laboratories and pizzerias.

The plastic food containers with base and closed walls are specially designed for the storage and maturation of leavened products, whether they are cakes in a pizzeria, or sweet leavened products in a pastry shop. All stackable in order to facilitate handling by hand or with a trolley, they can be accessorized with the relative lids that guarantee sealing and hygiene.

The plastic food containers with closed base and perforated walls, on the other hand, are specifically created to transport sweet and savory bread products, even hot. In fact, the holes let the steam escape from the products so that the quality is not affected.

All plastic food containers are produced in compliance with the regulations that regulate the production of containers suitable for food contact.

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