Plastic strapping, strapping machines and strapping accessories

Plastic trapping, strapping machines and strapping accessories are the professional solutions that enable strapping operations to be managed in the best possible way and thus guarantee a high level of safety when storing and transporting goods. In fact, strapping applied to a package is fixed and sealed: in this way, loads will be tightly secured and the risk of damage resulting from sudden and unintended movements will be significantly reduced.

The wide range is complete with solutions for strapping pallets and goods, with manual or machine plastic strapping. Polypropylene plastic strapping becomes quite elastic during handling, preventing it from deforming and loosening. In addition, it is suitable for pallets or packages stored outdoors as it is resistant to rain, high temperatures and UV radiation.

Manual or battery-operated strapping machines are available to secure the strap. While the manual versions have only one mode of operation, the battery-operated models allow manual, automatic and semi-automatic operation. In addition, strapping trolleys with wheels are available for conveniently moving the strap from one working area to another.

The wide range of accessories for securing and protecting packages in strapping operations is complete with plastic corner protectors, pressed cardboard edge protectors and steel strapping seals.

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