Banding machine semi-automatic low table 1450 x 540 x 560 mm

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The banding machine semi-automatic is a low-table machine ideal for handling strapping operations on particularly bulky packages. An essential tool in all warehouses, the strapping machine ensures the security of packaged goods, reducing the risk of damage to the material both during storage and transportation. The machine is suitable for general use and medium to low work volumes.

Polypropylene PP straps of various sizes can be used: the banding machine comes complete with instructions for adjusting the strap width, which can be 6-9-12-15 mm. Thus, the strapping machine becomes a versatile tool that adapts to every need. Additionally, the swiveling wheels allow for easy relocation from one workspace to another.

To use the banding machine, it is necessary to first place the packaged goods on the work surface so that it comes into contact with the sealing head. At this point, take the strap, pass it around the product, and insert it into the sensor positioned on the surface. Once the sensor is activated, the tensioning, cutting, and welding operations occur automatically.

The banding machine is equipped with direct current motors arranged for each function and operates on 220 V | 1 ph | 50/60 Hz | 0.25 kW electrical power. Finally, the dimensions are 1450x540x560 mm, and the weight is 60 kg.

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1pcs -   REMA032  - strapping width 6-9-12-15 mm -   €787.20  - [5/8 days]

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Reggiatrice semiautomatica struttura ribassata 1450 x 540 x 560 mm
Banding machine semi-automatic low table 1450 x 540 x 560 mm

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Special price: €787.20


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    Code REMA032
    Dimensions mm 1450x540x560
    Tension force kg 3-45
    Power 220 V | 1 ph | 50/60 Hz | 0,25 kW
    Weight kg 60
    Compatible strap spool specifics
    Spool internal diameter mm 200-210
    Spool external diameter mm 400-500
    Spool width mm 160-190
    Strapping width mm 6-9-12-15
    Strapping thickness mm 0,45 - 0,65
    Strapping material PP (polypropylene)
     Download the complete data sheet.
    The machine is compatible with strapping with external printing.
    Please request any adjustment, tensioning specifications and type of strapping when ordering.