Plastic corner protectors for strapping

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Plastic corner protectors are the professional and indispensable solution for ensuring adequate protection of packaged goods, especially during handling and transport. Once the packages have been strapped, it is necessary to protect the edges of the packages with the corner pieces to further ensure the stability of the goods. Indeed, during transfers by land, air and sea, the edges of the boxes often suffer violent shocks due to sudden vibrations.

Thanks to the plastic corner protectors, it is possible to ensure correct load distribution when pre-stretching the strap with manual or battery-operated strap tensioners, without worrying about damaging the goods inside the box. In addition, high strap tension will ensure maximum stability of the packages.

By acting as a support for the strapping band, the plastic corner protectors ensure that the strapping band does not risk damaging the product package during tensioning, guaranteeing that the goods are delivered in optimal condition. In addition, the corner pieces increase the safety of handling by reducing the risk of accidents.

Made of rigid polypropylene, the plastic corner protectors are available in sizes 40x40 mm suitable for 25 mm wide straps.

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1pcs -   ACP0026  - 40 x 40 mm with tip – 1000-piece package -   €24.70  - [5/8 days]

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Angolari in plastica per reggetta 40x40 con puntale
Plastic corner protectors for strapping

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    Code ACP0026
    Dimensions mm 40x40
    Strapping width mm 25
    Package pieces 1000
    Material rigid Polypropylen