Corrugated cardboard roll

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The corrugated cardboard roll is the ideal solution for packing and protecting irregularly shaped products, filling voids inside cardboard boxes, or placing at the bottom and as a divider in pallet preparation. While cardboard boxes are universally adopted solutions for managing shipments and handling various goods, corrugated cardboard is the tool that allows increasing the level of packaging security.

Practical, economical, and eco-friendly, this corrugated cardboard roll is perfect for packing, separating, and protecting mechanical parts, furniture, glass objects, or plastic materials. In fact, the unique corrugated structure of the cardboard ensures good resistance to impacts and punctures.

The corrugated cardboard roll is one of the increasingly popular solutions in packaging, packaging, and palletizing. It is produced with completely recyclable and 100% biodegradable material, and, easy to cut even by hand thanks to the coil format, it helps reduce waste and save resources.

To meet ever-changing needs, the corrugated cardboard roll is available in rolls of heights 100 and 120 cm. Finally, all models have a length of 100 m and are composed of one side with an uncovered wave and one side with a cover in flat paper.

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Corrugated cardboard roll

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    Cardboard single open wall + flat paper cover
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