Packaging tape polypropylene

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Packaging tape polypropylene or adhesive tape for packaging is the universal standard product mainly used in packaging, sealing and shipping operations. Equipped with a pressure-sensitive adhesive side and a non-adhesive side, packaging tape is characterized by an elastic composition that is ideal for tensioning and sealing goods on pallets and with stretch film.

In full compliance with environmental sustainability, packaging tape polypropylene is biodegradable. Furthermore, the versatility of packaging tape makes it ideal not only in professional environments such as companies and warehouses, but also in domestic environments.

The solvent-type glue makes the PPL packaging tape long-lasting and weatherproof. This type of glue makes the tape one of the ideal solutions for managing packaging placed in outdoor environments and therefore exposed to rain, UV rays and other atmospheric agents.

Three versions of packaging tape polypropylene are available: havana, white and transparent. If the colored versions allow you to cover any signs and writings on the packaging, the transparent version leaves them legible. Finally, each tape roll is 48 mm high and 66 mm long and the thickness of the adhesive tape is 28 my.

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Packaging tape polypropylene

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    Code havana NAP2A01
    Code transparent NAP2T01
    Code white NAP2B01
    Roll height mm 48
    Roll length metres 66
    Thickness my 28
    Adhesive Solvent
    Material PPL Polypropylene