Metal lathe chucks

Metal lathe chucks are devices that are indispensable for machining workpieces with machines such as metal lathes. Thanks to this accessory, it is possible to clamp and hold the workpiece stationary during machining. In this way, it will be possible to ensure the rotation of the workpiece and that machining is carried out safely. It is indeed important that the chuck provides a firm grip to prevent accidents from occurring during machining.

One of the key features to consider when choosing metal lathe chucks is the number of jaws. In fact, chucks with 3 or 4 jaws are available. This characteristic determines the shape of the workpiece that you will be able to grip with the chuck. When there are three jaws, it is possible to machine circular workpieces or workpieces with a number of sides divisible by three, whereas when there are four jaws, it can grip circular or polygonal workpieces with a number of sides divisible by four.

Different models of metal lathe chucks are available in the self-centring type. This feature allows that regardless of the number of jaws, they open and close concentrically at the same time. This ensures that the workpiece being held is always centred.

In addition, it is important to take the size of the chuck into consideration when choosing. Different versions of metal lathe chucks are available for each model, which differ in diameter size. Indeed, this determines the size of the workpiece that the chuck will allow to be machined.