Wood band saws

Wood band saws are machines designed for cutting pieces of wood with different shapes. They allow you to create an independent cutting station or add an essential tool to existing stations. There are more professional saws with accessories such as LED lamp and drawer to collect the sawdust, or saws with reduced dimensions and power, also ideal for use by hobbyists. These are machines designed for cutting wood in the following forms: flat and curved panels, boards and circular logs.

Some of the characteristics that are fundamental to consider when choosing the machinery to buy are: the size of the table, the cutting capacity, the power of the motor, the tilting capacity of the table and the size of the blade. In fact, all these characteristics determine the types of processing that will be possible to carry out with the machine and the dimensions of the pieces that will be possible to work.

Some of the available wood band saws must be connected to a sawdust suction device before being put into operation. For some models, protective casings are also available that prevent parts of the operator's body from coming into direct contact with the band saw blade. They also have the function of preventing splinters or blade fragments from being thrown against the operator's face, guaranteeing safety.

Wood band saws with piece-pushing lever are also available. This tool allows to facilitate the operators during the phases of approaching the piece to be cut to the blade, avoiding dangerous approach of the hands to the moving blade. Thanks to these devices, the safety of the operators is always guaranteed.