Workbenches and tables

Workbenches are the fundamental element in workshops, laboratories and carpentries where they play a central role by representing the space in which the various construction or repair activities take place: whether you are talking about a carpenter while carving wood or an electrician who repair an instrument, the work surface will always be the stage for these activities. To meet different and constantly evolving needs, the counters are available in models with different characteristics, but they are all equipped with a surface, more or less wide, on which to carry out the activities positioned at a height of about 80 cm from the ground, considered the most comfortable height to carry out the work.

You can choose the top of the metal or wooden workbenches. It is possible to choose workbenches with top in beech plywood, a semi-finished product made by overlapping layers of wood veneers glued together which give particular resistance to bending. For heavy duty, the steel top is preferable, also excellent for welding or during the use of chemical products.

Workbenches with fixed legs or with adjustable legs are available, the latter particularly useful in all those jobs in which it is important to be able to change the height of the support surface, for example when more people have to use the same bench or the same employee has different tools to use that require different heights to be used comfortably.

With drawers or shelves (or both), the workbenches adapt perfectly to every need: the various tools can be stored in the drawers, while the more cumbersome machinery can be stored on the shelves. In this way, space and work can be organized in the best possible way, always having everything in order and immediately available when needed.

The choice of bench also depends on the space available: when space is limited, compact and easily transportable folding workbenches are recommended, indispensable on mobile construction sites. Furthermore, in the case of fixed workstations, workbenches equipped with a predisposition for fixing to the ground are recommended, to guarantee maximum safety and stability.

Workbenches equipped with shelves can also be used to store small machinery: this is particularly useful when spaces are limited, thus making the most of them. Furthermore, placing everything in its proper place in an orderly manner allows you to optimize search times and reduce the risk of accidents.

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