Open fronted storage bins and semi open storage boxes

The open fronted storage bins are the professional and practical solutions for dividing spare objects and replacement parts in a functional way, in order to always have what you need at hand. The organization of components is essential to facilitate their finding and optimize the timing of production processes. For this reason, they are indispensable for hardware stores, workshops, warehouses so as to allow the prompt availability of the contents and rapid management.

All made of polypropylene, the open fronted storage bins are sturdy and resistant. Equipped with handles to facilitate manual movement and reinforced to ensure a safe overlap, they are therefore also essential to promote the safety of the working environment. In addition, the structure with a lancet opening is ideal for allowing the visibility of the content and facilitating its management.

It is possible to organize the open fronted storage bins in special shelves, also available in different sizes. Ideal for the logistics sector, the shelving is suitable for use in design studios, workshops, laboratories, and in general in any work environment that needs to order small components.

The wide range includes open fronted storage bins of different sizes and colors, in order to meet different needs and facilitate the distinction of content during the production processes.

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