Gasparini Srl

30 years of steel processing experience directly from drawn, from sheets, from pipe and from coils.

The production and solutions branded Rollawaycontainer are entrusted to Gasparini Srl in Fossalta di Piave, specialized in steel processing directly from drawn, from sheet, from tube and coils, 30 years of experience have been invested in the construction of articles for the logistical field and light carpentry.

All the drawings and patents are Rollawaycontainer’s ownership, in charge of research and development of the product, certifications and customer care, the production and operative part are delegated to Gasparini Srl.

This continuous and important working synergy amongst these two realities allowed a development and an affirmation on the market, today important production and distribution realities rely on our Rollawaycontainer trademark products for their logistical choice.

Gasparini srl

Gasparini srl