Computer cabinets

Computer cabinets are an indispensable product in mechanical workshops, warehouses or production areas. Thanks to this type of product it will be possible to protect the computer from dirt, dust and bumps. In this way it will be possible to create a workstation with a computer where it is most needed within the work area. Thanks to the possibility of equipping the cabinet with wheels, handling will be facilitated and it will thus be possible to move the PC station where it is most needed.

The computer cabinets have a resistant and sturdy structure in painted sheet metal. They are therefore capable of withstanding the shocks and stresses typical of productive work environments. The PC screen is protected inside the upper part of the cabinet which can be in polycarbonate glass or with a roller shutter opening to allow access to touch screens.

To meet every need, it is possible to configure the computer cabinets so that it best meets the needs of every type of company. In fact, it will be possible to equip the cabinet with both a removable and non-removable top, ideal for inserting printers inside and thus obtaining a complete workstation.

There are also various accessories available for computer cabinets that can be used to make the structure more functional. It is in fact possible to purchase to complete the structure, fans to prevent overheating, multi-sockets, supports for sockets and cable glands.