Vertical ladders with safety cage

The vertical ladders are an innovative system that allow you to reach high heights safely. Thanks to the protection ring system, they guarantee the safety of the operators who use them and minimize the risk of accidents that can cause even serious injuries. This scale model is particularly suitable for allowing access to the upper part of industrial buildings, roofs of houses, silos, suction systems, machinery and in general wherever it is necessary to carry out periodic inspections at height in safety.

The vertical ladders with safety cage are formed by an innovative system of rings which, once fixed to the ladder element, ensure the safety of the operators using the ladder. It serves to avoid the risk of accidental fall. The cage is mandatory for all ladders with a height of more than 5 meters. The structure can be made in a single trunk, or with several modules depending on the lengths to be reached.

It is possible to use the ladders without a cage to reach heights up to 5 meters according to the Italian legislation Legislative Decree 81/2008 art. 113. To operate in compliance with the law, the ladder must be fixed to the mute. These ladder models are equipped with handles that make it easier to disembark from the ladder to the position at a height.

Various accessories are available for vertical ladders. It is in fact possible to buy different components to complete the landings, such as the landing gate. There are also trapdoor parking plans and anti-intrusion gates to ensure higher security. To ensure access, it is possible to purchase fixed or telescopic access ladders instead.