Metal boxes shelving

Metal boxes shelving is a great help in rearranging and making the workplace safer. By organizing materials and products in boxes, arranged neatly on the shelves so that even at a glance it is easy to recognize them, activities are more fluid and therefore less stressful, leading to an increase in productivity. The various models respond to different needs in order to satisfy all needs.

If the space available must be exploited in height and if, in addition to a shelving, what is needed is an extra support surface, stackable shelves are the ideal product as they can be accessorized with the worktop. Whether they are placed one on top of the other or arranged horizontally, as well as being safe and stable, they will have a sure impact on an organizational level.

When the objects to be stored have different sizes and consequently the metal boxes used will have the same dimensions but different heights, the right choice falls on the configurable shelving of 2010 mm or 1010 mm height. The possibility of choosing spans and accessories allows you to create a tailor-made solution.

All the shelving for metal boxes are produced in the highest quality steel and thanks to the accessories they give way to create infinite combinations suitable to satisfy any situation.

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