Adhesive tape and paper packaging tape

Adhesive tape and paper packaging tape are indispensable solutions in professional and domestic environments. Built with a non-adhesive side and a pressure-sensitive adhesive side, they make it possible to handle all the tasks involved in the wrapping and packaging of goods. Depending on the application, the adhesive tape can be applied by hand or mounted on special packaging tape dispensers.

PVC adhesive tape is weather-resistant, leaves no residue on smooth surfaces and is the most suitable solution for packaging heavy goods or bulky packaging where the adhesive tape also acts as a tensioner. It is also available in a coloured version with natural rubber adhesive, ideal for closing and sealing bags.

Polypropylene adhesive tape or scotch tape with acrylic adhesive is ideal for sealing cardboard boxes or cardboard packaging and has a strong grip on all types of boxes and shipping supplies.

Paper tape, on the other hand, is the most common solution in machine shops, body shops and paint shops because it has a good hold on metals, painted objects and smooth surfaces and, equipped with a solvent adhesive, resists up to 60°C. Finally, to seal bags, the range comes complete with a special metal bag neck sealer and an automatic gummed tape dispenser.

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