Metal band saws and saw benches

Metal band saws and saw benches are the perfect solution to create an independent metal cutting station, or to add an essential tool to an existing work station. Depending on the power of the motor, some saws are also suitable for hobbyists or for having a second machine at home, as the voltage allows connection to the household network.

Some types of metal band saws are already equipped with their own bench and this is perfect if the support and work space available is limited and cannot be occupied. Furthermore, often the benches are equipped with tool holders and in this way it will also create an additional space for storing the tools, especially those to be used together with the saw.

Other saw benches are to be fixed on the workbench and this is especially useful when the machine will be used frequently or for example because you have to work with many pieces and it is therefore convenient to have extra support space. In addition, supports are available for the pieces to be cut which are particularly long.

All saw benches are equipped with safety systems, such as the consent button or the emergency button, as well as having an identification plate and information pictograms. Safety is therefore guaranteed and the band saws and metal shaping machines are suitable for professional use.

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