Small parts cabinet

Small parts cabinets are the ideal solutions for the storage of small components, whether they are spare parts, screws, bolts or other. Perfect in kanban processes and during the preparation of orders, the drawer units facilitate the availability of goods and the relative picking, guaranteeing fast and orderly storage. Furthermore, the versatility of the drawers makes them excellent in different working environments from warehouses to workshops.

Produced in first choice polypropylene, the small parts cabinets are resistant to shocks and long-lasting. They are perfect for optimizing space in the workplace, making it tidy and efficient thanks to the modularity and interlocking: they can be used individually, stacked on modules or inserted in shelves with wall fixing or even in trolleys.

The small parts cabinets are made up of a gray ABS structure and transparent polystyrene drawers. The wide range includes different models for depth and height, but all have a width of 600 mm which allows them to be overlapped allowing the most varied combinations.

Available in various models, sizes and colors, the plastic small parts cabinets can be accessorized with dividers, dust covers, tag holders, labels and much more. Customization allows us to offer a solution designed and made to measure for ever-changing needs.

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