Wrenches and spanners

Wrenches or spanners are the essential tool in the mechanical workshops or laboratories of companies in different sectors as they are the tools for tightening screws, nuts or bolts. Of different types to satisfy any need of use, all the keys are composed of a steel bar, which can be chromed in some cases to increase its resistance, with the ends in the suitable shapes to be able to grip the bolt or nut. and rotate it.

Spanners with the same head at both ends are called double, while those with different heads are combined. The heads can be, for example, fork-shaped, therefore with a versatile and useful U-shape especially when space is limited, or even with an adjustable roller, where a flap is adjustable to be able to tighten different sizes of bolts or nuts.

The measures of the wrenches are indicated on the bar and refer to the distance between one face and the other of the bolt to be tightened. This measurement can be indicated with in millimeters and will therefore be an integer while if indicated in Anglo-Saxon style the size will be indicated as a fraction of an inch.

Some types of wrenches are also equipped with a lowered head, which is essential when working with flush bolts and where a fork spread could not help.

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