Big bags and bulk bags

Big bags and bulk bags in tubular or anti-sagging polypropylene are the perfect transport and storage system for large quantities of substances. They represent the ideal solutions for the containment of bricks, aggregates and compact materials, but also for containing powder substances or micro granules of natural or synthetic origin (feed, fertilizers) or for the storage of industrial processing products such as resins. They can be used in many sectors: mining, chemical, agricultural, food, construction, rubber, resins and fertilizers.

The range is complete with big bags with open top for immediate viewing of the stored material; and with skirt opening that allows you to fold the upper flaps of the bag to tie them. In addition, there are big bags with discharge spout, but also flat bottom models.

To meet different needs, big bags are available for rubble, rubble, construction waste, big bags for agriculture and food products certified for food contact and products according to EN21898 / EN13427. Furthermore, for the transport of hazardous waste such as asbestos, UN approved big bags are available.

Available in various sizes and capacities, with tubular or U-shaped fabric with panels sewn on the buttonholes, the big bags and bulk bags are functional solutions for logistics at a very affordable price and take up little space in the storage phase. Finally, the range is complete with big bag racks.

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