Big bag with skirt and flat bottom

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The big bag in polypropylene is the solution with closing skirt and flat bottom. Manufactured with straight fabric with panels, central U-shaped band and side panels sewn together with 30 cm lifting eyelets, the big bag has a closing skirt that allows you to seal the load in a practical and safe way. This particular sewing system of big bags guarantees a great resistance of the bottom during handling and storage.

To guarantee resistance, two other panels are joined with vertical seams to the U-shaped body of flat fabric. The big bags feature non-laminated fabric, standard stitching, 1xA4 document holder, SWL capacity of 1500 kg and a safety factor of 5:1. Furthermore, they are made in full compliance with the EN21898 / EN13427 standards.

The big bags can be used for the containment of waste, compact and powder substances, for a safe storage and transportation of materials in the construction, rubber, resins and fertilizers sectors but also in the mining, chemical, agricultural or food industries.

The certified big bag can also be used to safely store and handle food products. Finally, the big bag is available in different sizes in order to meet different needs.

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Big bag con apertura a caramella e fondo chiuso
Big bag with skirt and flat bottom

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    Code COP0074
    Outside dimensions cm B1=90 B2=90 H1=120 L1=30 S1=75
    Code COP0076
    Outside dimensions cm B1=95 B2=95 H1=200 L1=30 S1=80
    Common features to all codes
    Top Skirt
    Bottom Closed
    Safe Working Load (SWL) Kg 1500
    Safety factor 5:1
    Sewings Double loop
    Manufacture U + 2 panels
    Food suitability Yes
    Document holder envelope 1 x A4
    Printed logo None