Insulated containers

Insulated containers are the safe, professional and compliant solutions for the transport of food, drinks, drugs and biomedical products. They are indispensable to prevent alterations of the transported content that could be caused by the change in temperature. By preventing temperature changes and keeping the temperature constant, the isothermal containers allow the safe and suitable transport of hot, fresh or frozen food, but also of medicines.

For the safe transport of hot, fresh and frozen food different type insulated container are available: insulated food boxes in expanded polypropylene useful for compliance with HACCP standards and insulated containers in the ATP regime. All containers are suitable for the transport of food in compliance with current regulations regarding food hygiene, food preservation and maintenance of the cold chain throughout the logistics cycle.

When transporting drugs and biomedical products, it is essential to avoid sudden changes in temperature that could alter and damage them. For this reason, the range of insulated containers is complete with thermal containers for medicines that keep the temperature constant for safe and compliant transport.

The wide range allows to find the most suitable solution for canteens, catering, hotels, ice cream parlors, pastry shops and catering or food distribution activities, but also for pharmaceutical companies and hospitals. Insulated containers are available for immediate delivery in various types, sizes and capacities, with wheels or on pallets for handling by hand or with forklifts.