Mobile drum sump pallets

Mobile drum sump pallets are professional and compliant solutions for the simple and safe handling of drums. The use of spill pallets is required by current regulations to prevent accidental spills of liquids and dangerous substances from ending up on the ground entering the aquifers and, consequently, throughout the environment. Sump pallets are therefore essential to protect the health of operators both in the storage and in the handling phases of the drums.

Mobile drum sump pallets on wheels are built to move the tanks safely and allow the tapping of the drums where necessary. They are the ideal solution for repair shops or filling stations, thanks to the push handle and the 2 fixed and 2 swivel wheels with brake that allow the operator to move them simply and safely.

The range is complete with sump pallets for the vertical storage of drums and spill pallets equipped with support for the storage of the drums also in a horizontal position. All versions are built in compliance with UNI EN 15609-1 with checks and final testing by qualified operators according to UNI EN 473.

Mobile drum sump pallets are produced in compliance with current regulations to guarantee quality and safety. Steel makes them ideal for the storage and management of potentially harmful and flammable chemical liquids while the different sizes and capacities make them perfect for every need.

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