Dustbins are practical, comfortable and hygienic solutions to manage the separate collection. The dimensions allow you to place these bins even under the sinks, for greater comfort and to save space by occupying every inch of it. They are the ideal choice in urban, domestic environments, but also for companies and commercial structures. Furthermore, it is possible to position them both indoors and outdoors, in offices, kitchens, terraces and gardens.

The range is made up of professional products that can be used in domestic and working environments. The differentiated dustbins are easy to wash and sanitize and are equipped with a handle for easy handling and, possibly, to conveniently empty the garbage into larger bins and bins.

It is possible to use the dustbins under the sink to manage the garbage, in particular organic waste, in the daily and then pour it into bins or large bins for weekly collection. Or, it can be used directly for door-to-door separate waste collection operations.

The dustbins are made of polypropylene, a material resistant to low and high temperatures, temperature changes and UV rays. This composition makes them suitable for intensive use. Lastly, dustbins are available in different sizes with different capacities to satisfy every need.