Foldable pallet boxes

Foldable pallet boxes are the perfect combination of capacity and space optimization. They are the ideal solutions when the space available is limited or when they are often transported empty: when closed, in fact, the containers significantly reduce their size (up to half compared to when they are open). Made of high-density HDPE polypropylene, the collapsible containers are particularly long-lasting and suitable for contact with food, thus finding ample space for use in the industrial and agro-food sectors.

The structure without sharp edges makes the foldable pallet boxes practical and safe solutions. The containers ensure on the one hand excellent conservation and safety of the products they contain and, on the other hand, hygiene and ease in their cleaning. In fact, their structure prevents liquid stagnation or small parts of the contained objects from getting stuck.

Whether they are equipped with closed or perforated walls, the foldable pallet boxes are already very resistant from the start, but can be further reinforced by the accessory crosspieces on the bottom. These also allow to increase stability and make the containers easily transportable with both forklift trucks and transpallets.

To further customize the foldable pallet boxes, it is possible to add among the accessories the doors that can be positioned in quantity and on the sides of your choice according to your needs, the wheels and the lids.

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