Drum storage racking with spill pallet

The drum storage racking with spill pallet are the ideal solutions for the horizontal and vertical storage of drums from 60 to 200 liters. These are the indispensable products to make companies and warehouses safe and tidy workplaces: they allow the drums to be arranged on several floors, optimizing the available space. In addition, they are supplied unassembled to reduce transport costs, but remain robust and easy to assemble products.

At the base of the drum storage racking for drums there is a spill pallet with galvanized grating. The latter makes it possible to increase safety levels, in fact, it contains accidental spills of liquid preventing it from dispersing into the environment, polluting it and putting the health of workers near the tank at risk.

The modularity of the galvanized steel drum storage racking allows to adapt and modify them according to every need, obtaining a versatile product that can be assembled in different solutions. In addition, accessories are available for even greater customization: racking supports, rotating supports for drums that simplify emptying operations and protection corners by facilitating their rotation.

The wide range allows to choose the shelving for drums that best suit your needs by selecting products with 2 or 3 floors, but also products designed for horizontal or vertical storage.

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