Crane boat skips and concrete buckets for building

Boat skips and concrete buckets for cranes are the most comfortable and effective solution for handling small and large quantities of material from the ground at height. Whether it is construction material or inert materials, they can always be lifted or sent to the ground safely for the operators. The choice ranges from larger models and therefore more capacious to smaller models, useful for lifting small parts or for construction sites in small spaces.

Many boat skips for cranes are autonomous at the moment of tipping, and this thanks to the system of hooks they are equipped with. This makes them particularly comfortable when the transported material is waste, as in this way no operator has to necessarily be nearby to overturn the bucket.

Some types of boat skips for cranes can also be used to contain water or other liquids thanks to the watertight seal, while others are designed to contain and pour concrete. The latter, so the concrete buckets, are used for the construction of roofs and floors and can be equipped with rubber pipes.

All our boat skips and concrete buckets for cranes are equipped with a metal label regarding the technical data of the model, as well as conforming to the UNI EN 12100, UNI EN 349, UNI ISO 8686, UNI EN 10027 and UNI EN 10204 standards.

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