Metal pallets

Metal pallets and metal pallets are the indispensable tools for transporting goods quickly and easily. They are the ideal choice for storing and handling heavy loads, intended for applications that require high strength, durability and fire protection. They are in fact the pallets most used by companies operating in the metallurgical sector and in the automotive industry, but they lend themselves to different applications throughout the industrial sector.

The wide range of metal pallets and metal pallets for the transport and handling of heavy loads allows you to find the customized solution for every need. Available in various sizes and formats, the pallets meet the needs of all companies that need to move heavy goods.

Suitable for the transport of any kind of products, the metal pallets are available in various sizes and capacities, to be able to find a place both in large industrial warehouses and in smaller structures such as tool warehouses, hardware stores, companies in the manufacturing sector and many still others.

Metal pallets with tubular base and metal platforms with press-folded sheet metal base are available. If the former are more technical solutions, with greater capacities and flatness, the latter are the ideal solutions when you need to store and handle less important loads.

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